Visual Arts


Visual art is about designing and creating artworks and exploring the role of artists and their contributions to society.  Students learn about visual arts histories and practice and respond to artists and their artworks. Learning in the Visual Arts increases student’s awareness of world culture and their responsibilities as global citizens.  Future pathways are available in creative industries and industries requiring innovative and creative thinking skills. 

Junior Secondary 

In years 7 and 8 students have varying elective opportunities in Visual Art.  Students are introduced to basic art terminology and learn that there is meaning in artworks.  They use a variety of media which includes acrylic paint, coloured pencils, fine liner markers, inks and clay.

Year 9 students are able to select Visual Art as a 1 year elective course.  Students explore and develop drawing and painting skills as well as analysing artworks and art practice.  They create many individual artworks and work on a collaborative mural.

Arts in the Community is a new subject on offer at The Ipswich State High School in 2016. Year 7 and 8 students taking this subject will investigate a variety of Art and Craft techniques to create works that will be displayed in local competitions, to advertise school and community events and to contribute to charities supported by the school.

Senior Secondary

Year 10 is a comprehensive program which incorporates portraiture, landscape, screen printing, digital art and finishes with a teacher-directed portfolio.  Students then decide if they wish to follow an academic pathway and/or a vocational pathway through a choice of Authority and VET Visual Art subjects.

Authority Visual Art is an OP subject that develops Year 11 student’s Making and Responding abilities through teacher-directed concepts and focuses.  This prepares students for Year 12 where the expectation is that students will work autonomously on given concepts and focuses to develop comprehensive folios of works.  Students also respond to art movements and artist’s artworks and practices.

The CUA20715 Certificate II in Visual Arts program at Ipswich State High School is an introductory level arts program where students will learn and demonstrate a comprehensive range of skills in a variety of creative areas.  Students will participate in practical, hands-on workshops, develop arts industry-related information technology tasks and complete some theory-based booklets.  Some of the creative areas covered are basic drawing techniques, painting, printmaking and ceramics.  On completion of the program students will have produced a comprehensive portfolio of drawings, digital images, paintings, prints and ceramic objects. 


Visual Arts tutorial is available 3-4pm every Wednesday after school. For more information, contact Alison Hamilton

Last reviewed 29 April 2020
Last updated 29 April 2020