Homestay Family Testimonials

 Since enrolling Diana at Ipswich State High School in 2016, her grades have surpassed our expectations.

When looking for an International school we couldn’t find one that met Diana’s needs.

We made enquiries in regards to Ipswich High and found that the resources available were first class. Coming from PNG resources are limited and Diana’s grades were suffering.

Since being at Ipswich High her grades have gone from fail to A and Bs. We couldn’t be happier.

Teachers and staff are so helpful and take a genuine interest in their students.

Diana has now received a ‘Letter of Offer’ from Qld International TAFE for next year. If it wasn’t for the help and interest that teachers have in their students, I believe that Diana would not have been given the opportunity to further her studies at Tertiary level.

My sincerest gratitude to Ipswich International School. Well done!

Robina Strode

Hi my name is Heidi Cassidy, and I am a Homestay family member.  We decided as a family that we would like to open our family home and hearts, to give an international student an opportunity to visit. My partner and I have two boys aged 12 and 5, who found this to be a great experience. We became a homestay family in March 2016. We have now signed on to be a regular homestay family.

Our first homestay student, Rio arrived and was such a delight to our home. We took her with us everywhere we went, as we considered Rio to be part of our family. We celebrated family birthdays together, went to the local Sushi Train to make Rio feel a little more at home and even went to Bunnings together.  Rio is now a family member for life! We have stayed in contact through Facebook, posting birthday presents to each other, uploading regular pictures and trying to plan holidays to visit each other.

​Yours kindly

Heidi Cassidy

Being a host family is very rewarding experiences as you learn about other cultures.The children are no different to our own children as they all have the same needs: love, nurturing and protection. Every child that I have taken care of, have all achieved in sport and schooling and made many friends in Australia. They have become a big part of our family and adjust really well to our home life. The ever lasting friendships made don't end when they return to their family. I have home stayed many children and their parents and homestay children come back to stay for holidays and catch up. It is very satisfying and knowing I have made a child's experience in our home one to remember. ​ 

Regards Maryann

​Homestay family facts

  • ​Host families are carefully selected from our local community and beyond.
  • Police checks are conducted to ensure the highest calibre of families are chosen and they must maintain a Blue Card whilst caring for international students. Families are interviewed and accommodation is inspected by school staff to ensure it meets Educational Queensland International standards.
  • Comprehensive homestay information booklets are provided to all host fa
  • milies to ensure that the strictest of guidelines are adhered to at all times.
  • Appropriate access to transport to and from school and school activities are a pre-requisite of all application approvals for the homestay families. Acceptable forms of transport can include public transport.
  • It is a requirement that host families provide an individual bedroom with study facilities for each international student.
  • International students may be placed in a homestay with another international student however, the students must be from a different nationality.​


Last reviewed 05 May 2020
Last updated 05 May 2020