Boys Rugby League Program of Excellence



Program Overview​

The Rugby League Program of Excellence has been created to provide an elite pathway for rugby league players to develop their skills whilst at school. Students undertaking this program will experience a highly structured sports specific program scaffolding knowledge and skills from Year 7 to Year 12.


The ethos of the rugby league program centres on three pillars. These are:


  • Creating high quality footballers
  • Creating high quality young men
  • Helping to prepare students for the next phase in life


Throughout each year group of the program students will benefit from timetabled sports specific classes where they receive certified and experienced coaching. All staff in the boys rugby league program hold a level 2 Senior Club coaching certificate. 


Complementary strength and conditioning training is also included throughout all stages of functional development for students who are part of the rugby league program.


The rugby league program provides a basis for students to achieve in a school setting, with many students involved in the program seeing improvements in attendance, behaviour and academic performance.




At Ipswich State High School students in both junior and senior years of the rugby league program will have access to purpose built training facilities such as multiple football fields, gyms and classrooms also provided to assist in the students development.


Strength and Conditioning


Students in the rugby league program at Ipswich State High School have access to GPS technology which helps coaches analyse their performance and provide feedback based on game specific information. Students also have access to high quality gym facilities allowing them to improve the strength qualities necessary to compete at an elite school level. Students will be mentored by current Ipswich Jets QLD Cup Head of Strength and Conditioning Jonathan Dore. 


Junior School Years 7 - 9


The most important years in a rugby league athletes development are often early adolescence as they explore the sport while learning the vital knowledge and skills that will form the basis of their senior development. The program curriculum has been designed to enhance the technical skills of the individual whilst layering understanding and development to improve tactical awareness and performance.  


Across all age groups students will be able to select the rugby league subject for inclusion into the their weekly timetable at Ipswich State High School.


To supplement the training provided, students will have the opportunity to play in elite competitions that are amongst the top competitions that school boys can access int he country. Top Teams in each age participate in Broncos Cup competitions, whilst all Development Teams compete in the local CISSSA and Metropolitan competitions.


Cost is $190.00 per year which includes training kit and apparel


Senior School Years 10 - 12


At Ipswich State High School, a sports specific pathway has been created for students who have elite skill sets, and the ambition to play professionally to access.


In the seniors years, of their schooling, students benefit from a streamlined rugby league pathway academically. Within this pathway students can be supported in classes exclusively for this sporting excellence program. This opportunity allows for subject areas such as mathematics, english and science to be taught in a consistent and supportive environment.


As part of the Rugby League Excellence program, all students are required to complete a Certificate III in Sport and Recreation in their senior years at school. The Certificate III in a nationally recognised qualification that students can use to enter the workforce or use this as the basis for further studies.


There is flexibility in the program and students can select an ATAR pathway. Students can then select rugby league as a subject and still benefit from the expert coaches and program curriculum while exploring other areas of academic excellence. 


As a school, we endeavour to ensure that all students in the program can find the individual academic pathway through a broad range of subjects including school-based apprenticeships and traineeships as well as tertiary pathways when students are in the final years of schooling. 


Students are also encouraged and supported in their participation in a range of additional extra-curricular activities.


Elite students will also get the chance to review their match performances via our video analysis program and receive feedback from our experienced coaches.


Cost is $190.00 per year includes training kit and apparel.


VET Pathway


The Australian Vocational Education and Training pathway allows students to complete nationally recognised work ready qualifications while still at school.


In the senior years of the Program of Excellence, students undertake the Certificate III in Sport and Recreation. This covers topics such as:


  • Sports Coaching & Officiating
  • Event Management
  • First Aid
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Time Management
  • Work Priorities and Goal Setting


Completion of the certificate can open opportunities for students post school in areas such as sports administration and management, exercise science and sports development roles.


Community Partnerships/Sponsors


  • Q-Legal
  • CJ Holmes
  • AMAC Electrical
  • NGU Realestate
  • Aussie Plumbing
  • Feel Good Sports Physio
  • Court Group
  • Greater Springfield Orthodontics
  • DJ Electrical
  • Ipswich Rugby League
  • Ipswich Jets RLFC




As a program, we endeavour to provide a safe, supportive environment for your child to grow and learn, and to reach their full potential both on the football field and in the classroom.


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