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Folder: enrolment-packenrolment-packenrolment-pack
Folder: TraineeshipsTraineeshipsTraineeships
great-results-guarantee.pdf2015 Great Results Guaranteegreat-results-guarantee240 KB
great-result-guarantee-snapshot-report.pdf2015 Great Results Guarantee Snapshot Report great-result-guarantee-snapshot-report117 KB
ipswichstatehighschool-next-step-summary.pdf2016 Ipswich State High School Next Step Summaryipswichstatehighschool-next-step-summary53 KB
SUI-executive-summary.pdf2016 SUI Executive Summary SUI-executive-summary335 KB
RTO-20069-complaints-and-appeals-policy.docx2017 Complaints and Appeals PolicyRTO-20069-complaints-and-appeals-policy119 KB
2017-VET-booklet-information.docx2017 VET Booklet Information2017-VET-booklet-information828 KB
2017-VET-course-information-booklet.docx2017 VET Course Information Booklet2017-VET-course-information-booklet816 KB
Investing for Success - MER - Ipswich State High School.PDF2018 Investing for SuccessInvesting for Success - MER - Ipswich State High School85 KB
2019 - Attendance.pdf2019 - Attendance2019 - Attendance325 KB
2019 - Bell Times.pdf2019 - Bell Times2019 - Bell Times329 KB
2019 - Bus Numbers.pdf2019 - Bus Numbers2019 - Bus Numbers318 KB
2019 - Canteen Menu Super Refueller.pdf2019 - Canteen Menu Super Refueller2019 - Canteen Menu Super Refueller6070 KB
2019 - Canteen Volunteer.pdf2019 - Canteen Volunteer2019 - Canteen Volunteer314 KB
2019 - Code of School Behaviour.pdf2019 - Code of School Behaviour2019 - Code of School Behaviour347 KB
2019 - Digital Media Policy 2019.pdf2019 - Digital Media Policy 20192019 - Digital Media Policy 2019652 KB
2019 - High Expectations Framework Student Enrolment Pack.pdf2019 - High Expectations Framework Student Enrolment Pack2019 - High Expectations Framework Student Enrolment Pack419 KB
2019 - Homestay.pdf2019 - Homestay2019 - Homestay353 KB
2019 - Important Dates.pdf2019 - Important Dates2019 - Important Dates358 KB
2019 - ISHS matrix.pdf2019 - ISHS matrix2019 - ISHS matrix348 KB
2019 - ISHS Rights and Responsibilities.pdf2019 - ISHS Rights and Responsibilities2019 - ISHS Rights and Responsibilities345 KB
2019 - Key Contact numbers and emails.pdf2019 - Key Contact numbers and emails2019 - Key Contact numbers and emails344 KB
2019 - P and C Donation.pdf2019 - P and C Donation2019 - P and C Donation321 KB
2019 - Parent Communication.pdf2019 - Parent Communication2019 - Parent Communication337 KB
2019 - Shoe Policy.pdf2019 - Shoe Policy2019 - Shoe Policy344 KB
2019 - Stationery Requirements.pdf2019 - Stationery Requirements2019 - Stationery Requirements394 KB
2019 - Uniform and Dress Code.pdf2019 - Uniform and Dress Code2019 - Uniform and Dress Code350 KB
2019 - Uniform Price List.pdf2019 - Uniform Price List2019 - Uniform Price List653 KB
next-step-summary-report.pdf2019 Next step summarynext-step-summary-report228 KB
2019 VET Course Information Booklet v5.docx2019 VET Course Information Booklet2019 VET Course Information Booklet v5839 KB
2020 - Important Dates.pdf2020 - Important Dates2020 - Important Dates375 KB
Application Package.docxApplication PackageApplication Package905 KB
Canteen Help Request Letter.pdfCanteen Help Request LetterCanteen Help Request Letter116 KB
Code-of-school-behaviour.pdfCode of School BehaviourCode-of-school-behaviour263 KB
RTO-30069-complaints-and-appeals-form.docxComplaints and Appeals FormRTO-30069-complaints-and-appeals-form698 KB
RTO-20069-complaints-and-appeals-policy-2017-v1.docxComplaints and Appeals PolicyRTO-20069-complaints-and-appeals-policy-2017-v1116 KB
homestay-provider-application-form.pdfHomestay Application Form homestay-provider-application-form311 KB
duke-of-ed.docxHow to get involved in the Duke of Edduke-of-ed50 KB
Interview Flyer parent 2019 - Term1.pdfInterview Flyer parent 2019 - Term1Interview Flyer parent 2019 - Term1316 KB
Interview Flyer parent 2019 - Term3.pdfInterview Flyer parent 2019 - Term3Interview Flyer parent 2019 - Term3274 KB
I4S-snapshot-report.docxInvest 4 Success 2017I4S-snapshot-report253 KB
ISHS Cleaner Position - OO2.docxISHS Cleaner Position - OO2ISHS Cleaner Position - OO2869 KB
Out of Catchment Expression of Interest Enrolment.pdfOut of Catchment Expression of Interest EnrolmentOut of Catchment Expression of Interest Enrolment446 KB
parent-teacher-interview.docxParent Teacher Interviewparent-teacher-interview3060 KB
parent-teacher-interviews-term-3.docParent Teacher interviewsparent-teacher-interviews-term-3142 KB
QKR Marketing.pdfQKR MarketingQKR Marketing1084 KB
2019 - The Ipswich State High School RBPS.pdfResponsible Student Behaviour Plan 20192019 - The Ipswich State High School RBPS1655 KB
Student-Timetable.pdfStudent TimetableStudent-Timetable331 KB
TA002-teacher-aide-indigenous.docxTA002-teacher-aide-indigenousTA002-teacher-aide-indigenous413 KB
temp-teacher-aide-application-package-indigenous-hours.docxTemp Teacher Aide Application Package Indigenous Hourstemp-teacher-aide-application-package-indigenous-hours916 KB
traineeship-lists-24-feb-2017.docTraineeship Opportunities March 2017traineeship-lists-24-feb-20172576 KB